woensdag 18 december 2019

Cardboard coffee cup reindeer

Oh deer, it's almost Christmas and a New Year is coming! My nanny kids and I love this time of the year so much! Yesterday during our reindeer craft activity my oldest nanny kid told me how cosy (a typical Dutch word) she found it with me. She made my heart melt. I feel blessed working for such a lovely family! I am sure we will undertake a lot of new adventures next year, I can't wait!

Inspired by this craft post in the Guardian we wanted to make a reindeer from cardboard coffee cups. 

You can read the instructions of the craft in the link given above, although we did a few things differently.   

My nanny kid was very curious what the reindeer would look like. Therefore, I decided to place the twigs beforehand so she could imagine the reindeer. We replaced the kitchen towel roll with cardboard coffee cups, the red fluffy nose for a red painted milk cap and we added a feather as a tail. Ooh and of course the colour is a huge difference. That’s what happens when your child picks a colour. The reindeer turned more or less into a My Little Pony :-)

zondag 15 december 2019

Christmas nativity scene

I found this cute and easy toilet paper roll Christmas tree craft on Red Ted Art. You can read all the instructions on their website. We didn't use paper confetti but sticky back foam sheets instead. Try to find some foam with glitters, it fits in the Christmas tradition very well :-)

We decided to build a nativity scene from Duplo and placed the mini Christmas tree beside Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. It's such a fun and educative way to tell your little kids the story of baby Jesus! 

zondag 8 december 2019

DIY Advent calendar

We started the countdown to Christmas after the Dutch fest Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. It's so nice to tick down the days together! We decided to make a Christmas tree Advent calendar. In just a few steps you can create your own.

With just some cardboard, green and yellow paper, some decoration materials like red hearts or glitters, yellow paint, a cork, glue, double sided tape and colouring pens, you are ready to build and decorate your Christmas Advent tree!

Cut out three Christmas shapes. One from a thick piece of cardboard, another from a thin piece of cardboard and finally one from green paper. Glue or use double sided tape to stick the three pieces together. The thick piece at the back, the thin piece in the middle and the green paper at the front. Don’t forget to keep some left over cardboard. At the end you can use this to make a backing, so your tree will stand firmly.

Write down the numbers till Christmas Eve on a yellow paper. Draw a little Christmas tree and glue it on the green paper as well. Depending on the age of your child, he can do it himself. 
Now it's time to decorate the tree with yellow paint and shiny red hearts, glitters or whatever your kid likes. Let your child create dots by dipping the cork in the yellow paint and stamping it on the tree. Stick the hearts on the dots when they are still wet. Let everything dry and attach the cardboard backing with doubled sided tape as final element. Now it's time to countdown the days to Christmas! Let your kid scratch a number every evening before bedtime. Don't forget to undertake some fun Christmas activities together during the countdown period.

My nanny kid loved this activity so much! So we decided to make a Christmas card with kind of the same idea for her grandparents (see picture below).

Do you fancy to make a countdown Sinterklaas calendar as well next year? Save this post with a free download for next year!