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DIY felt kite

Not only children enjoy doing crafts, as their nanny I highly enjoy this as well :-) I made this sweet little kite for the young children I work with, and they love it. If your children are older, they can easily make a kite themselves! 

Use two rhombus shapes of felt and sew them together. Use a different colour for the back if you like or let your kids choose any colour of their liking. I have used a blanket stitch (watch this tutorial), but it's not necessary. Before you stitch up the two parts, make sure you place a tail. In this case you can hide it between the two parts.
To personalize the kite, you can glue or sew a figure on the rhombus. I have chosen for a sweet smiley cloud and just attached it with some glue. If you prefer sewing, it's important to do this on a single rhombus and attached the other one after you are finished. 

Feel free to use my kite pattern below (see the link).

PDF kite

Depending on the age of the kids, you can decide to make a "real" kite instead of my little felt one. Follow the steps of the Westfield tutorial and your design kite is ready to fly. 

There are lots of books you can read together with the children that suit the theme. Look for an overview on Growing Book By Book. Or what about singing this five little kites song together?