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Painted shell necklace

Going out to the beach and searching seashells is a perfect outdoor activity for kids. We cleaned the seashells in water and dried them in the sun. When dry, we stored the shells in a glass bowl to have them available for one of our craft projects.
One of my 16-month-old nanny kids, made a necklace as a gift for her godfather. You need some non-toxic paint, a cotton swab, a string and a marker.

I let the toddler paint the shell with a cotton swab. Let the shell dry and loop some string to the seashell hole. We were lucky to find a shell with a little hole. If you are not, use a small rotary tool (adults only) before you start with the craft activity. 
Don't forget to write the name of the child or a sweet message on the back and wrap it in gift paper. 

Wearing a necklace for children is not safe, but it's a really nice present for an adult! On the photo below my older nanny kid is showing to result of her little sister's craft work.